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Phoenix, AZ

We're based in Phoenix, and love to work with the incredible companies being built here. 

Distributed / Everywhere

We work with the best people, regardless of location. Our team is distributed, and can work with companies anywhere. 



Our People

Dave Lyon 

Dave Lyon

Founder + Principal Developer

Dave Lyon is a product focused software developer, open source contributor and amateur photographer.

Dave has extensive experience in Objective-C, Swift, Ruby, and Javascript.

In addition to software development, Dave also focuses on A/B testing, analytics, and marketing integrations to help teams make smart, data-driven decisions.


Wes Filleman

Principal Developer

Wes Filleman is an experienced full-stack mobile app developer, with extensive experience in Objective-C, Swift, Java and Javascript.

In addition to working on software for our clients, Wes runs his own successful home automation company under the MobiLinc brand, focusing on apps for iOS and Android with cloud integrations to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, as well as machine learning features for home security cameras.

Join Our Team / Freelance Network

We currently work with our network of top freelance talent, and are looking to expand our permanent team.

If you're interested in joining our team full time (and are located within the Phoenix metro area) or want to be a part of our freelancer network, get in touch. 

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