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Photos from Youth Startup Weekend - Winter 2018

Traboule Software is proud to be a sponsor of the Co+Hoots Foundation's Youth Startup Weekend events. I attended the most recent one as a mentor, and took photos of the incredible collaboration happening all over Co+Hoots. This is my quick review of the event, in numbers and photos.

The Numbers:

  • Nearly 50 students participated in the 3rd Youth Startup Weekend
  • More than 50 mentors, volunteers and speakers from the community showed up across the 3 days to help make this event a success
  • The students pitched more than 20 ideas on Friday night
  • Students and mentors voted to narrow down the ideas, and formed 9 teams
  • 5 students came all the way from Toronto, Canada just for this event!
  • The 9 teams worked together in less than 72 hours to put together a 3 minute pitch about their business

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, follow the Co+Hoots Foundation on twitter.

If you want to hear about it from some of the folks involved, check out the Figure It Out podcast recorded on Friday at the event.

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