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What's a Traboule, Anyway?


Naming your business is no simple task. You're not just naming your business, you're really starting to define your brand, your message and your company's raison d'être. 

When it came time to name my mobile app development agency, I knew I needed to do better than a simple "Lyon Software" or "Dave Lyon and Co." to really create something that conveyed why I'm starting this business. 

So where does "Traboule" come from?

The city of Lyon, France (seeing a theme here?) is famous for a number of things, one of which is their network of passageways built to help merchants get their products to and from the markets more quickly, called traboules.

At Traboule Software, we have the same goal: we provide the tools and team our customers need to get their apps to market more quickly.

It's just a nice bonus that the "in-joke" relating Dave Lyon to Lyon, France to Traboule Software exists :)

Dave Lyon